Thursday, January 26, 2006

First Meeting of 2006

The return to brewing after a brief Dec. hiatus was a large success, with a healthy turnout. It was good to see plenty of families and new faces, and to spend some time with the "old" ones. The home-brew we had on hand didn't survive the night, and generally was getting good reviews. The Pilsner is coming along nicely and the dopple-bock called "The Plague" has completely matured (now at the 11 mo. mark) - it is unknown if there is any more of that batch left. The March dopple-bock has not faired as well, and still holds an acidic, sharp edge and slight flavour coloration. Perhaps a little more time will further soften those edges, but I doubt it.

This time we brewed a last minute selection due to our planned batches being stuck in a UPS truck in Wichita. Greg did us all a favour pulling an American Cream Ale recipe together at the last minute and running point on the brewing. Thanks! I'll let Greg post a comment with the recipe and brewing specifics. We did run the mash to nearly 2 hours to try to get more complete starch conversion. This may have been due to the nearly 15% corn in the grain recipe.

If anyone has pictures from that night, feel free to pass one or two along for posting. Thanks.

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