Saturday, May 13, 2006

Plague a no-show for Neufeld's, round #3

The third club brewing at the Neufeld residence was without illness (like brewing #1), leading me to declare that the plague's relative success following brewing #2 was an "anomaly", and that "2 out of 3 brewings were healthy, and that ain't bad." :-P

Everyone seemed to enjoy the fellowship over a meal and cooking up another 2 batches in one night. Thanks to everyone who brought such good sides, and for the help with equipment runs to Greg's/Brad's/Chuck's to keep the brewing moving along.

The batches this time were both Belgians. The lighter one ("Junebug Belgian") was from a MoreBeer All-Grain kit. The darker one ("Massenbelgier") was self-assembled from our first bulk ingredients purchase (a 50lb bag of 2-row malt). Greg started the yeast again, so we could split it between batches. Greg - you can post the actual recipes in a comment to this post.

All told, it was another successful gathering. For those who stayed later, the fire pit and cheese melts were a nice treat (thanks Sara).

For some reason, these guys seem to get dirty a lot.
Next one's tentatively at the Guhr's. Hope to see you all there.

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