Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stairway Pilsner (10 ga.) & PVC Christmas (5 ga.)

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make today's meeting another success.

Tim did a fine job as brewmaster, ordering the recipes, stealing the CO2, and managing the brewing details. We had a minor incident with the malt warming process on the Christmas kit batch (thus the name), but otherwise it seemed to turn out fine. Should be ready for holiday season next year if we're patient. :-) We hit the numbers on the larger full mash Pilsner batch, and it shows signs of being a nice hoppy brew. Congrats, Tim.

We also keg'd 15 ga. from last brew club (10 - IPA, 5 - Porter). Seems like this system should work out fine. We now have 6 kegs, which should be able to provide some nice brews on tap in the near future.

Pictures and other thoughts from tonight's scribe (Brad) will be posted here soon, but I wanted to put something up, since I've missed so many recently...

- Russ